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Latest High Performance Computing architecture with optimized system software allows an easy and effective usage of LS-DYNA

Hardware Partner Hardware Partner

For efficient use of LS-DYNA on High Performance Computing platforms we work with selected Platform Service Providers, who have ample experience in operation and maintenance of dedicated infrastructure for LS-DYNA. Hardware resources are being provided in collaboration with the cloud-based infrastructure providers CPU24/7, Gompute and Rescale.  

Maintenance and Support Maintenance and Support

LS-DYNA is installed and configured  for effective calculations on the High Performance Computing platform available on LS-DYNAcloud. System maintenance and user support are provided by DYNAmore. A telephone hotline for user related questions is provided by local LS-DYNA Support Distributors.

Supplementary Software and Services Supplementary Software and Services

Software tools like d3view, Plotcompress and FEMZIP/L for effective data compression can be provided. Dummy and barrier models are available. LS-TASC and LS-OPT can be used for the effective solution of optimization problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to the LS-DYNAcloud platform

In which country is the service available?

The service is available in North and South America and Europe. It is not available in China, India, Japan and Korea. Availability in other countries on request.

Speedup / on how much cores should I start my job?

The performance of LS-DYNA is optimized for actual parallel computer architectures. With the High Performance Computing platform available on LS-DYNAcloud satisfying speedups can be achieved up to parallel usage of 1000s of cores. The speedup varies depending on the type of application and the geometry of the model. In many cases (e.g. small models) speedup […]


Performance car crash model: Total clock time on 8 cores = 593 seconds = 1.3 core hours — Performance 3 vehicle collision model:  Total clock time on 64 cores= 1418 seconds =25.2 core hours    

Can I have a license for educational purposes?

LS-DYNAcloud is open to both users from academia and industry. A valid educational or commercial license on your own computer/system is required before access to LS-DYNAcloud can be granted.

What is Ansys/LS-DYNA and Nastran Solution700?

ANSYS/LS-DYNA is a LS-DYNA module, which is integrated into the ANSYS modeling and solution environment. MSC Nastran solution700 is a similar integration for LS-DYNA into the Nastran solution phases. Both ANSYS/LS-DYNA users and MSC Nastran solution700 users are welcome to use LS-DYNAcloud services. Both Nastran and ANSYS input data can be imported into LS-DYNA.

Can I buy licenses for the usage on LS-DYNAcloud from a local vendor?

Yes, LS-DYNAcloud services are provided through local LS-DYNA distributors.

Who will provide support for LS-DYNA?

System support and LS-DYNA installation support is provided by DYNAmore. User support via telephone is being provided by your local LS-DYNA support distributor. Backup support is being given by DYNAmore. FAQs and e-mail support is being given through DYNAsupport

Where do I find technical papers and information about applications?

There is a good collection of actual papers available on DYNAlook

Where do I find technical documentation for LS-DYNA?

LS-DYNA User Manuals, FAQs, tips and tricks, and news about updates are available on  DYNAsupport.

LS-DYNA is a general-purpose finite element program capable of simulating complex real world problems. It is the most widely used crash code in the automotive industry. It provides implicit and explicit time-stepping schemes and multiple spacial discretizations.

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Customer Examples

Examples for the usage of LS-DYNA on Cloud Platforms provided by our Hardware Partners


The Gompute HPC service enabled Formtech to provide a state of art service to its customers. In particular, dynamic simulations of composite parts and vehicles in crash events have been conducted taking advantage of the Gompute computing power to solve models with large meshes and small time steps. Using Gompute’s HPC cluster has reduced the development time by more than half and increased the efficiency, which allowed Formtech to deliver on the most challenging time scales. Gompute has been very responsive at all times to changing needs of hardware and its technical team showed a great dedication to support.

More information on the example from Formtech


- Formtech

The use of Gompute HPC Cloud allowed us to satisfy  our customer expectations in case of a full scale multiple unit train crash simulation according to EN-15227 standard. We would not be able to provide sufficient computing power with our own resources.

The main reason for choosing Gompute was the possibility to use a pre-configured environment with the LS-Dyna solver and availability Infiniband connected modern processors, combined with tools as remote 3D workstations. Furthermore, the access to skilled HPC and CAE engineers that supports the Gompute on-demand service and its users influenced the decision.

Without access to the extra computation capacity it would not have been possible to meet the deadlines and provide the customer with needed simulation results.

Marian H. Ostrowski

CEO-CTO , Invenco

More Information on the example from Invenco

- Invenco