What is Ansys/LS-DYNA and Nastran Solution700?

ANSYS/LS-DYNA is a LS-DYNA module, which is integrated into the ANSYS modeling and solution environment.

MSC Nastran solution700 is a similar integration for LS-DYNA into the Nastran solution phases.

Both ANSYS/LS-DYNA users and MSC Nastran solution700 users are welcome to use LS-DYNAcloud services.

Both Nastran and ANSYS input data can be imported into LS-DYNA.

Can I buy licenses for the usage on LS-DYNAcloud from a local vendor?

Yes, LS-DYNAcloud services are provided through local LS-DYNA distributors.

Who will provide support for LS-DYNA?

System support and LS-DYNA installation support is provided by DYNAmore. User support via telephone is being provided by your local LS-DYNA support distributor. Backup support is being given by DYNAmore and LSTC. FAQs and e-mail support is being given through DYNAsupport

Where do I find technical papers and information about applications?

There is a good collection of actual papers available on DYNAlook